John Burns Consulting Company: Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 2005

Burns, Rutledge Advise AECOM Consult in CTA Transformation Study

Chicago real estate vets John Burns and John Rutledge recently teamed up to provide consulting services to AECOM Consult, a national transit consultancy group based in Alexandria, Virginia, as part of the CTA Transformation Study.

Burns and Rutledge are independent real estate consultants. Burns is a veteran commercial property portfolio manager and past chief staff officer for the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago- BOMA/Chicago.

Rutledge, former trust real estate vice president for Harris Bank and asset management specialist, advises clients including families, attorneys, and businesses as well as the Urban Institute’s Local Government Reform Project in Croatia, a USAID initiative.

Burns and Rutledge advised AECOM Consult on opportunities for real estate management and operational efficiencies and new sources of non-fare revenue from the Chicago Transit Authority’s diverse real estate property portfolio.

CTA’s board of directors passed resolutions to consolidate real estate responsibility within CTA and to maximize outsourcing of real estate services as a result of recommendations made in the Transformation Study.