John Burns formed JBCC after more than two decades of experience in the commercial property/asset management and leasing industry. JBCC practices the principles of collaboration and strategic, leveraged affiliation. This provides for maximization and exploitation of strategic partnering with other experts on JBCC’s clients’ behalf. JBCC’s field of experience and clients include corporate, institutional, non–profit, educational, medical center entities and trade associations.

JBCC has affiliations with Rutledge Company LLC for asset management advisory services; several architectural and engineering specialty firms for architectural, space planning and related assignments; and John F. McDonald PhD and the Center for Urban Real Estate for real estate industry market research and analysis projects. JBCC forms strategic teams and partners with other experts as client needs may demand. John Burns has an extensive network of industry colleagues and contacts as well as familiarity with various governing bodies and offices. Responsive, collaborative, resourceful services customized to client’s situations, challenges and opportunities are characteristic of JBCC’s contributions to its clients.

JBCC provides customized services in three primary business areas: Advisory and Consulting; Client Representation and High Rise Evacuation Planning.

Advisory and Consulting

Targeted and portfolio audits of client real estate interests
Development of options for optimization
Review and analysis of portfolio management, operations and leasing
Identification of best suited practices for implementation
Curriculum/program development for commercial real estate related seminars, classes, roundtables and workshops (See related article)
Research assignments for private clients (confidential, non-shared) and commercial real estate industry sector research projects

Client Representation

Transaction management
Construction management
Market information intelligence and analysis
Space utilization assessment and program development
Site/facilities search and analysis
Lease negotiation, sales negotiation
Relocation coordination and management
Project management (client driven, on-demand)
Resource identification and facilitation

High-Rise Evacuation Planning

Facility survey, assessment and evaluation
Code review for applicable rules, regulations, standards and practices
Plan development in narrative, graphic and architectural formats for code compliance
Review, enhancement and updating of existing plans