Schafer Condon Carter

SCC’s response to the sale of the Chicago Sun-Times building, where they were a tenant, to Donald Trump?

“We’re outta here!”

An outstanding advertising agency, SCC created an exciting, unique loft work environment for its employees and clients.

After almost a year in the market with a traditional commercial real estate brokerage firm, SCC had yet to find its next home.

JBCC, having learned of SCC’s need, preferences and requirements contacted a prospective landlord to determine if space suitable to SCC was available in a particular building JBCC had targeted. Having extensive experience with the landlord of this specific property and knowing the building in consideration met many of SCC’s requirements and preferences proved to be a strategic match for both SCC and the building’s private, corporate owner.

JBCC arranged a meeting and tour of the space with SCC’s principals. Their comment after a tour of the JBCC targeted loft building and space – why hadn’t they been shown this space previously in meetings and tours with the commercial real estate firm that was identifying potential locations for them?

From that point on, JBCC (through its affiliation with BW Phillips LLC) represented SCC with: lease negotiations for its new loft-office environment including a tenant improvement workletter with the prospective landlord; an early termination agreement with its then current landlord; coordination of office design/layout with the building’s architect; and, construction management of a two floor loft space.

SCC benefited in rental savings from early termination of its existing lease, early occupancy of their new work-space and substantial construction savings of their new loft environment. Ahead of time and under budget for SCC construction items were additional JBCC delivered advantages for SCC.

SCC an innovative, creative advertising agency conceived, designed and had built an extraordinary, unique work environment—notable to all who work in and visit its loft- offices.